Convenient & Professional Pet Grooming Services

Pet Grooming With The Staff at Community Companion Animal Hospital

Are you tired of being soaked after attempting to bathe your companion animal? Do you even make it through an entire bath before your pet jumps out of the tub and runs around the house? Have you accidentally trimmed your pet’s nails too far and caused mild bleeding? There are two pieces of great news for you today: you are not alone and, for this very reason, we offer professional pet grooming add-ons to any established veterinary patient appointments. We do accept last minute animal grooming requests if you just happen to think of it at the end of your appointment, but if you wish to have your pet bathed, you will need to let us know further in advance.

Centered in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, California, our veterinary hospital houses a clean, professional grooming facility for your utmost convenience. Our highly trained staff will take excellent care of your pet, ensuring your companion animal is feeling more than comfortable on the groomer’s table with the use of gentle hands and a lot of tender loving care. As a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic, we also offer the perks of extensive parking, as well as Spanish language assistance for those in need.

Grooming Add-ons for Dogs, Cats, and Other Small Animals

You may request a last minute pet grooming service during your veterinary appointment, such as:

Avian Appointment Grooming Additions

If your bird is already scheduled for a veterinary appointment with us, simply request a quick grooming service, and we will be happy to help.