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Our Mission and Core Values

Our mission at Community Companion Animal Hospital is to offer the best animal health care available. We respect the closeness of the human—animal bond and it is our purpose to enable pet owners to celebrate all aspects of that loving and caring relationship. We focus on improved quality of life and alleviation of pain and suffering for all patients entrusted to our care.

About Our Veterinary Practice

Always applying the most modern veterinary methods and knowledge, your pet’s health and happiness are our number one priority. You will find skilled and compassionate veterinarians, a highly trained staff, and only the best in advanced veterinary care and equipment at our full-service veterinary clinic in San Gabriel Valley, California. We work with gentle hands, kind hearts, and a true concern for your companion animal’s wellbeing.

In addition, we are proud to deliver first class customer service and care. Some of our amenities include:

To schedule your veterinary visit with us today, please contact us during our regular business hours. We look forward to seeing you and your furry, scaly, or feathered friend.