Compassionate Pet Hospice Care

End of Life Care For Your Pet at Community Companion Animal Hospital

If you’re a pet lover like us, there is almost nothing harder in life than emotionally dealing with a terminally ill companion animal. However, with the right support staff and some professional veterinary guidance, your experience can become that of hope and everlasting peace. Under our compassionate, gentle care, both you and your pet will feel at ease. We will do everything possible to comfort your pet, relieve pain, and truly focus on a peaceful, serene quality of life.

End-of-Life Pet Pain Management

Several trusted pet pain management options that we offer at Community Companion Animal Hospital include:

When is humane pet euthanasia the answer?

While peaceful pet euthanasia is never an easy answer, it can sometimes be the truly best option for your suffering pet. If you feel that your pet is in anguish and distress, you should bring your companion animal in for a veterinary exam as soon as possible. We will evaluate your pet’s condition and provide you with further insight and advice as a diagnosis is confirmed. It is only after all other possible options have been exhausted that our veterinarians will point you in the direction of humane and peaceful euthanasia. Please remember, you are not alone; our caring, kindhearted staff is here to support you through it all.

Thoughtful Pet Loss Services Provided by Community Companion Animal Hospital

Need a shoulder to lean on? Let us help you during this difficult time. We can provide you with a number of unique pet loss services to help ease the stress, as well as memorialize your special friend:

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