Complete Veterinary Care for Small Exotic Pets of San Gabriel Valley CA

Exotic Pet Care For San Gabriel Valley CA Pets

As a comprehensive, full-service veterinary clinic in Temple City, California, we welcome any small animal in need of care. Whether they have paws or claws, we will treat them all:

Exotic Pet Care Services at Community Companion Animal Hospital

Symptoms of a Sick Exotic Pet

How will I know if my exotic pet is sick and needs veterinary attention? Oftentimes, animals innately try to disguise their illnesses so as to not show weakness in the wild. Unfortunately, your exotic pet is probably no stranger to this concept, making it exceptionally difficult to diagnose ailments and other sicknesses. Therefore, it is best to familiarize yourself with your pet’s daily habits. Anything persistently out of the norm, including the behaviors and symptoms listed below, could be indicators that your little friend may need to seek professional medical assistance from one of our expert veterinarians. Contact us immediately is you notice any of the following warning signs: