Pet Parasite Preventives: Keeping You, Your Family & Your Pet Healthy

Pet Parasites & Control Assistance From Community Companion Animal Hospital

With a complete online and onsite veterinary pharmacy at our Temple City, California, facility, we offer you a variety of flea, tick, and other pet parasite preventive and control products. Ranging from popular name brands to more discrete, yet equally reliable generic products, we carry only the most dependable veterinary pharmaceuticals available. Paired with budget friendly prices, you are sure to find a trusted flea and tick control product at our animal hospital that best suits the needs of your little friend.

Why is it so important to prevent and control small animal parasites?

Small animal parasites can be detrimental not only to the health of your pet, but also to other pets or even you and your family! They can lead to sickness and more serious secondary conditions or diseases.

Symptoms of Internal and External Pet Parasites

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