Reliable Veterinary Allergy Testing in San Gabriel Valley CA

Veterinary Allergy Testing For San Gabriel Valley CA Pets

What causes allergies in pets?

Just as humans are allergic to a variety of substances, dogs, cats, and other small animals can demonstrate mild to severe reactions from allergens such as:

How will I know if my pet is having an allergic reaction?

You may notice any of the following symptoms if your pet is experiencing an allergic reaction:

If you suspect that your pet may be demonstrating signs of an allergic reaction, please contact us immediately. Whether mild or severe symptoms, it is always best to schedule a visit with us sooner rather than later as allergies have proven to be extremely uncomfortable for many animals. The faster we can conduct testing to determine the cause, the faster we can put your furry, scaly, or feathered friend on the path to recovery.

What are some treatment options for my pet’s allergies?

Dependent upon the allergen (the cause of the allergic reaction), there are several different treatment and prevention plans that can help nurture your pet back to health. Such options include:

All above mentioned products are available at our facility in Temple City, California.