Superior Veterinary Cancer Care Aimed at Optimizing Pet Wellbeing

Pet Cancer Treatment is Available at Community Companion Animal Hospital

Based in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, California, Community Companion Animal Hospital strives to accurately diagnose, cure, treat, and comfort those struck by cancer. We understand how difficult such a diagnosis can be on both you and your pet, and we are here to help guide you through every turn on the road to recovery and relief.

We offer extensive and reliable veterinary cancer diagnosis and treatment services, all aimed at optimizing the health and wellbeing of your companion animal. There are no lengths we won’t go to when it comes to helping your pet fight cancer, including the retrieval of second opinions or even the recommendation of an oncologist that may be more specialized in difficult cases that may beyond our realm of care.

Community Companion Pet Cancer Services

Dependent upon the case and stage of cancer, you can expect your pet to receive nothing but the best of expert and quality veterinary care. Some of our dependable cancer services include:

Symptoms of Small Animal Cancer

Pet cancer can be difficult to catch at early stages, considering the symptoms may not appear until later in the progression of the condition. Thus, it is imperative that your pet attend yearly wellness exams to help detect the early onset of cancer and other diseases. In the meantime, please contact us immediately if you notice any of the following warning signs: