Commitment to Excellence in Veterinary Cardiac Care

Pet Cardiology Available at Community Companion Animal Hospital

With advanced equipment and progressive veterinary methods, we are committed to bringing you only the best in quality cardiac pet care. At Community Companion Animal Hospital, you and your pet are family. And when you’re family, our work comes straight from the heart. Every test, treatment, and decision is customized to care for the specific needs of your dog, cat, rabbit, pocket pet, reptile, or bird.

If undergoing veterinary cardiac analysis, we will recommend any of the following diagnostic services, all of which can be conducted at the convenience of our Temple City, California, location, to further exam your pet’s condition:

In the case of a cardiac problem, several treatment options we can explore may include

Symptoms of Canine or Feline Heart Problems

As a pet owner, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your companion animal’s daily routine, eating and drinking habits, and typical exercise endurance levels. With such awareness, you are more likely to recognize abnormal behaviors or subtle changes in physical wellbeing. If any of the following symptoms are occurring, please schedule an appointment with us soon. These may be indicators of cardiac complications and early detection could present lifesaving opportunities.