Complete Pet Skin Care in One Central Location

Pet Skin Care at Community Companion Animal Hospital

Pet dermatological problems can be irritating, stressful, and extremely uncomfortable if left untreated for too long. Being mindful of normal versus unusual behavior in your companion animal plays an important role in knowing when it may be time to call on us for professional veterinary attention. Most likely, your pet is suffering from a dermatological problem if he or she exhibits one or more of these symptoms:

Community Companion Skin Diagnostic Services

To properly diagnose your pet, our team of dependable veterinary professionals will appropriately choose one or more of the following diagnostic tests, all of which can be conducted in the comfort and convenience of our Temple City, California, in-house laboratory. Our onsite veterinary lab not only saves you time and gas, but it also significantly cuts down on the cost of running tests elsewhere.

Possible Causes of Pet Skin Problems

Veterinary Dermatology: Treatment Options

Once a diagnosis has been made, we will appropriately pair your pet with a customized, prescribed medication routine that will have your furry or feathered friend back to normal in no time.

And the best part? You don’t have to go anywhere else to purchase your pet’s prescription. We carry all of your veterinary prescription needs right here in our own pet pharmacy.