Providing Temple City with Advanced Veterinary Technology: Digital X-rays

digital X-rays Are Available at Community Companion Animal Hospital

As a fully equipped, advanced veterinary clinic in the center of San Gabriel Valley, California, we are proud to offer you only the best in veterinary technology and care. Our X-ray machine is no different; we hold each machine and each piece of equipment to the highest of veterinary standards, helping us deliver the fastest, most accurate results possible. Rather than a traditional X-ray machine, we use digital X-ray equipment, which has proven to deliver:

Diagnostic Capabilities of Small Animal Digital X-rays

Oftentimes, small animals instinctively hide symptoms of illness or injury. Veterinary digital X-rays can be used to better clarify and confirm a number of diagnoses such as:

In some cases, our dependable veterinarians may even use the digital X-ray machine to monitor conditions, diseases, or injuries over time, further aiding them in determining proper recovery treatments during progressive or regressive stages. Digital X-rays might also be used in conjunction with our reliable ultrasound machine, helping to hone in on problematic areas that may be difficult to diagnose.

If you think your pet may have a serious injury, such as a broken bone or has possibly swallowed something inedible, contact us immediately. We do offer veterinary emergency services during business hours.