Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments with Veterinary Endoscopy

Veterinary Endoscopy Diagnostics & Treatments Are Available at Community Companion Animal Hospital

Bringing you only the most advanced veterinary technology, Community Companion Animal Hospital provides accurate, quality pet endoscopic services. Adding to our fully equipped medical facility in Temple City, California, the small animal endoscope is a tiny, minimally invasive camera inserted through the mouth and down the throat or through the rectum, projecting a live video of your pet’s internal body. This allows us to view the nasal passages, esophagus, stomach, intestines, and urinary system inside your companion animal. We can attach instruments like biopsy forceps or retrieval graspers, for example, to perform tasks internally without having to make incisions to reach the target area. Providing us with a great range of versatility, we can utilize this top-of-the-line veterinary endoscope to:

Benefits of Veterinary Endoscopy

When properly used by one of our trained, professional veterinarians, small animal endoscopy can provide a multitude of benefits to both you and your pet: