Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine in San Gabriel Valley CA

Pet Internal Medicine at Community Companion Animal Hospital

Offering you highly regarded comprehensive veterinary care, Community Companion Animal Hospital can provide a complete list of internal medicine attention, including but not limited to:

Each of our dedicated veterinarians attends intensive training to stay up to date on all of the advanced and new methods, medications, and procedures every year. Bringing this progressive knowledge home to our Temple City, California, facility, you can rest peacefully knowing our team is working diligently to prevent, diagnose, and treat any potential small animal disease your pet may accrue.

Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatment of Veterinary Diseases

Armed with forward thinking and a true understanding of modern veterinary medicine, Community Companion Animal Hospital has strategically assembled a complete list of preventive, diagnostic, and treatment tools to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care available.

Always welcoming established and new clients alike, we urge you to contact us for any of your veterinary needs. With our fully equipped, modern veterinary clinic and our truly compassionate staff, you and your pet will always receive top quality care and first class customer service.