Veterinary Vaccinations: Saving Lives One Pet at a Time

Pet Vaccinations Are Available at Community Companion Animal Hospital

What are small animal vaccines?

Vaccines essentially consist of greatly weakened or killed organisms that could potentially cause disease or illness as a vibrant, lively organism. Such debilitated organisms are then administered to your pet, introducing it to the body so the immune system can build a protective guard against that particular disease. If your pet ever comes in contact with this sickness again in the future, the immune system will not only recognize it, but will also know how to attack it, suppress the symptoms, and sometimes even kill it, keeping your companion animal safe from harm.

Why should I consider vaccinating my pet?

Although some vaccines may pose risks, as with any medical treatment, the threats are minimal and the benefits greatly outweigh the tiny amount of hazard that remains. Vaccinating your pet can:

How do I put my pet on a path to lifelong health?

Contact us today! We will schedule your pet for an annual veterinary wellness checkup at our Temple City, California, clinic where one of our expert veterinarians can complete a thorough examination as well as review your companion’s medical history. From there, we will customize a vaccination plan that best suits the needs of your little friend. Convenient mail and email reminders will be sent to you when your pet’s next vaccination appointment is near.

Recommended Vaccinations for Dogs & Cats

Canine vaccine recommendations:

Feline vaccine recommendations: