Maintaining a Happy, Healthy Pet with Trusted Veterinary Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Care at Community Companion Animal Hospital

What is a veterinary wellness care exam?

A veterinary wellness exam is comparative to a routine physical checkup for humans. The purpose is to eliminate any possible health abnormalities in your pet. It is imperative to attend annual wellness appointments for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. During these appointments, we are often able to detect the early onset of disease or sickness. Catching an illness in its earliest stage can pose a lifesaving opportunity to treat the condition before it worsens. Our compassionate, skilled veterinarians and staff complete a thorough examination of your pet’s:

We will also take vital statistics, or gather information about your pet’s current weight, temperature, pulse, and breathing rate. In addition, stool samples and blood tests may be taken to our in-house veterinary laboratory (conveniently located inside our veterinary clinic in Temple City, California) to detect pet parasites or any other potential illnesses. Small animal vaccinations will also be administered as needed.

When should I schedule my pet’s wellness care appointment?

If you are the proud new owner of a puppy, kitten, or exotic baby animal, we highly recommend scheduling a new pet wellness exam as soon as possible. The younger the small animal, the more vital it is to seek professional veterinary attention, as baby animals are more prone to illness and disease. For young to middle-aged animals, we suggest receiving annual wellness care. Once your pet hits the age of seven or eight, bi-annual wellness exams are recommended. Much like humans, as pet’s age, they are once again more susceptible to disease, illness, and injury.

Simply call or email us to schedule your pet’s routine wellness exam. We are always excited to greet newcomers and established clients alike.