Thorough Puppy & Kitten Care in San Gabriel Valley CA

Puppy & Kitten Care at Community Companion Animal Hospital

New Pet Owner Manual: How do I properly care for my new puppy or kitten?

Being the proud new owner of a cute and cuddly, fuzzy baby creature is an exciting time in many people’s lives. Congratulations for becoming a new pet parent! Puppies and kittens can bring a smile to anyone’s face, but they can also cause a lot of stress and anxiety if you aren’t sure how to properly care for them. Our knowledgeable veterinarians are here to guide you into a responsible pet parenting role that will lead you to a loving, lasting relationship with a happy and healthy companion animal.

Your first order of business when taking in a new puppy or kitten is to schedule a wellness exam. Our thorough, budget-friendly puppy and kitten wellness care plan includes:

We also offer a weekly puppy behavioral training class on the premises of our Temple City, California, facility. This takes place in our spacious parking lot and is available to anyone who would like to attend.

If you are an excited new puppy or kitten owner, please contact us for more information. We will be happy to schedule your pet’s first wellness exam and can’t wait to meet your new baby!