Veterinary Ultrasound: Pain-Free Pet Diagnostics

Veterinary Ultrasounds at Community Companion Animal Hospital

Adding to the list of advanced diagnostic capabilities at Community Companion Animal Hospital, small animal ultrasound is an imperative asset to our practice. This modern imaging system allows us to safely view and record images of your pet’s internal organs and soft tissue structures without using painful and invasive methods. We can simply place the wand, called a transducer, on your pet’s abdomen and an image of the internal body appears on a monitor. No needles, no scalpels or lasers, no radiation, and depending on the animal, oftentimes little to no sedation is required!

Painless and danger free, veterinary ultrasound assists in a variety of diagnostic and detection uses, such as:

We can also apply the use of ultrasound as a means of monitoring the progression or hopefully regression of diseases and other ailments over a period of time. Often paired with another diagnostic tool, usually small animal digital X-rays, our veterinarians are able to accurately determine changes in pet conditions and can then adjust treatments accordingly.

Pet Pregnancy

If you have an inkling that your pet may be pregnant, schedule an appointment with us today. We will thoroughly exam her and use our ultrasound to confirm your suspicions. We can tell you how many babies to expect, what health condition they are in, and will also offer professional advice on how to properly care for your expecting mother.